The Why & What of CrossAbilties is...

Faith, Freedom, Family, Friends, Purpose and the Pursuit of Excellence!


      This Website was originally developed to serve the traditional intellectual growth of
high-school students, college students and beyond.  In my retirement, I decided to revise it
by adding another element of life into the content of my web-sight.  You will now discover
additions beautiful songs, inspiring stories and powerful preaching, some by speakers including Billy Graham and Senator Ted Cruz. You will likely notice quotes from the Bible, especially on the first page of this Website.  You will find v
ideos of Bible stories (history), beautiful songs performed by Christians(inspiration), and growth in the area of faith (e.g. Candice Owens).  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did organizing it.


      Today's culture is not the same as those of the early American and it's values.  I pray
that something on this website warms your heart and opens your mind to a Godly life.

Clancy Cross

Published Author at Age 15

Why: A Mission of Excellence

      There are countless dedicated people who are leading the way to restore the once good health that defined America's greatness. Such health (values) that formed our blueprint for success. But, like all civilizations, we continue to abandon that which drove our success.  Today we are sliding down the mountain previous generations climbed for us.  History shows that mankind is responsible for up-down patterns that repeat every few hundred years.

      Now is the time to reverse our downward trend.  In fact, it's our responsibility! To do so, we must restore the foundation of excellence. That includes adjustments to our: beliefs, values, priorities, attitudes, gratitude, faith, etiquette, work ethic, a servant’s heart, honesty, integrity, responsibility and  professionalism. These reflect the
purpose and heart of our mission.

What: A Call to Action

      Many times each day you are called to action.  It could be dire circumstances that demand your attention. Sometimes it’s the voice of your conscience.  Other times it’s a confrontation with one of God's "appointed servants" (someone you know or a complete stranger who speaks directly to you.)  I've had people like this in my life. The late Zig Ziglar was one of them.  I am that person for others, maybe even you. When a trusted person shares the urgency of life changes, make it a priority to investigate and act accordingly.  It's a calling for you to be courageous and take action. Could this message be your calling?

​Most Important is a Call for Understanding

     This is when we wonder if God is real, if God cares about me, and if God will intervene?   Here are two messages to help you understand God.

"The Future Depends on the teaching of the Small."