It sure is nice to have friends and colleagues who are willing to go on record with how they feel about your work.  I am grateful for the kind words and encouragement given by these and others I know!  Many thanks to you ALL!


  • This morning was another great seminar! I always learn something new. -- Tom Bargsley, CPA

  • Clancy is a very well rounded educator as well as a talented writer. I have had the opportunity to be part of several of his training seminars and must say that he keeps his groups captivated by his knowledge and his stories. Clancy is continually writing, teaching, and training, helping others strengthen their abilities and learn new skills. -- Jean Fitzpatrick, Marketing Consultant

  • Clancy Cross brings an enthusiastic spirit and creative thinking to his work... quick to generate
    fresh ideas for products and partnerships. He is also somewhat of a renaissance man. His curiosity
    and passion led him to be one of the pioneers in exploring, adopting, and applying many of UD's early
    Web sites and Web-based applications. -- Mike Bouchard, UDRI


  • Clancy is an excellent manager who leverages opportunities for professional development and
    cutting edge projects to create, inspire, and maintain a high level of talent around him.
    -- Joseph Kosch,
    Customer Experience Administrator


  • Clancy is one of the few who get both IT and how it enables business objectives. He is also a
    master communicator. I've seen him speak many times, and he can adjust his message to IT,
    Business, Educators, etc... -- Sean Geehan, CEO, Author


  • “Professionalism from A to Z" is a book of treasures! Every page is filled with golden nuggets of truth and gems of wisdom. Devour it with a highlighter in hand and know that if you apply even one tenth of what you read, every area of your life will be richer because of it!
    -- Tom Ziglar, CEO Ziglar, Inc.


  • Clancy Cross helps us understand that professionalism is who we are, not something we set out to do. He has weaved a wonderful mosaic of story, statement and quote. Whether a quote is the cart or the horse, I found the pattern of story, statement and quote to be highly entertaining, often challenging to my core beliefs and relieving me with the notion that common sense is still O.K.
    --  Robert F. Chelle,
    Founding Director Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, University of Dayton School of Business.

  • "Clancy, you have brought your experience and insight together with the wisdom of great men and women from generations past and present to challenge each of us to reach toward higher standards of professionalism. In the process, you have given us a tool to help develop the qualities that will make each of us real pros.  I believe I speak for everyone when I say, "Thank You!"
    -- David Wright, Business Owner, Business Coach and Musician


  • Clancy Cross provides a fast-paced call to action on issues that strike at the heart of what it means to be a professional. For industries with groups or individuals who struggle with professionalism (ahem, lawyers), the ideas presented can help change core behaviors. Clancy captures the way he lives in his writing.  --  Chad Burton, Attorney, Principal at Burton Law.


  • The message is positive, the words are uplifting, the reading is real. Clancy Cross touches on topics that affect people’s daily lives and supports it with true stories of lessons learned. Everyone should read this book to reenergize themselves!
    --  Maria Heeg, Business Professor


  • If motivation is a muscle and inspiration the result, then this book is the tool you need to increase
    your mental and spiritual fitness.  --  David Hart, Skydiver, Author and Speaker.


  • "Professionalism from A to Z" illustrates concepts such as Excellence, Leadership and Success,
    peppered with thought-provoking quotes. Clancy Cross has a great ability of encouraging others
    to dream BIG.  --  Veronica Grabill, Ph.D, President of GW Land Title Ltd.


  • Professionalism rests on attitudes, character, values, and virtue, as a house rests on its foundation.
    Or in the case of a poorly built house, fails to rest on its foundation over time. This is an inescapable
    reality of life. Through an engaging and intellectually stimulating style, Clancy draws us into the deep
    reflection necessary to further develop professionalism in our lives.
    -- Daryl R. Smith, PhD, College of Mount St. Joseph, Division of Business.


  • This book is required reading for any person looking to better themselves as a business professional and any company looking to raise their own bar. Simply, a fresh new voice.” --  Chuck Thokey, Sales and Marketing Director; Public Speaker.


  • This book is chock- full of wisdom and advice and is one book that you will most certainly find yourself coming back to over and over again. As a lover of quotes, Clancy Cross has created a great addition for my personal library!
    -- Vicki Giambrone, Vice President, The Children's Medical Center of Dayton.


  • Professionalism and Optimism go hand in hand. In "Professionalism from A to Z" Clancy keeps the message positive and the spirit strong with uplifting quotes and thought-provoking anecdotes. Being professional is all about ‘professing’ a positive (optimistic) image and attitude in everything you do. If you are not positive, then you are not “professing”—you are just “complaining” and there is nothing professional about that! --  Troy Kaper, Lifetime Friend.


  • As an optimist, I am never disappointed.”“It is true! You can learn, be entertained, and be filled at the same time. Clancy Cross has intertwined insightful leadership principles about professionalism with thought-provoking quotes to take the pain away from the drudgery of sifting through a typical self-help book. He is thorough and covers the topic from A to Z. You'll enjoy it - give it a try. It's a page turner!
    -- Gary P. Kuhn, Clark State Community College, Program Mgr. -- Contract Training for Clark, Champaign & Logan Counties.


  • With clever organization, concise writing, and compelling examples—given by “guest lecturers”
    from around the world, Clancy Cross has created a wonderfully engaging and instructive book.
    "Professionalism from A to Z" charts a wise path to integrity with stops along the way to visit
    traditional values, contemporary culture, social purpose, and individual growth. It’s as inspirational
    as it is fun, and is sure to provide renewing sustenance on anyone’s life journey.
    -- Rudy Marcozzi, Assoc. Dean, Chicago College of Performing Arts, Roosevelt University.


  • Clancy you are changing my life…. reading and noting from your blogs are powerful and inspiring.
    I needed this Thank you.  -- A comment on my blog (www.ClancyCross.com)

  • What a great post Clancy – what a better world there would be and how much happier would we
    each be if we took your words to heart?? -- A comment on my blog (www.ClancyCross.com)

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