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Build Winning Relationships!

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Make SMART Goals, Then Get Busy!

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My Message for High School and College Students

      "You were born to win!"  The legendary motivational teacher Zig Ziglar said this many times and he was right.  Here's the rest of his story...

      "...to be the winner you were born to be, you gotta plan to win, and prepare to win.  Then, and only
       then, can you legitimately expect to win."


      Thankfully, Zig's philosophies helped shape my story in ways I'll never forget.  They can change yours, too!

What Does it Mean to Win?

      Everyone has their own idea about what a successful life looks like.  Hopefully your vision is more than just making a lot of money. Money is a valuable tool, but a lousy goal.  Make money your servant, don't let it become your master.  Likewise, your job is also a tool, not the goal. For a healthy perspective of your life, ask yourself questions like these:

  •  What do I most enjoy doing? (my passion)

  •  What do I see my life looking like 10, 20, 50 years from now? (my vision)

  •  How will my life make a meaningful contribution to the world? (my purpose)

  •  What jobs will help me achieve my life's purpose? (my mission)

  •  What comes easy to me and what am I naturally good at?  (my talents)

  •  Am I dreaming big enough?  How far can I go? (my potential)

  •  What are my feelings toward the people in my life? (my legacy)

      Winning begins with having good answers to these questions and taking the appropriate actions to transform your vision into a living, breathing mission.  Have you started thinking about these things? Have you made a strategy and a plan to get there?  It's never too early to start.

How Can You Win?

      The path to a winning life used to mean going to school, being a good person, finding a decent job and working hard.  That is still true today.  But, today's employers are much pickier about whom they hire because the real world is more complicated, it is more competitive and it is changing faster than ever before.  Winning depends on how well you prepare!

What Does "Ready" Mean?

      Today's best opportunities go to well-rounded people, who by the way are also more upwardly mobile and more secure throughout their careers. I climbed that ladder of success and enjoyed a 26-year technology career even though the technical skills I began with became obsolete within just a few years. Thankfully I learned some new ones that kept me going. The truth is, it was my character, communication skills, leadership, teaching, and problem-solving ability that kept ME from becoming obsolete. I didn't do this alone. I have many people to thank for it! To succeed, you must do likewise. There are good people in your life willing to help you, too.

The Sooner You Grow Up, the Faster and Farther You Go Up!

      Graduates who are hired into the best career opportunities are those who graduate with the mindset and skills of a professional. Who are the  professional graduates?  People who communicate effectively, have positive attitudes, work well in teams, show respect, think strategically, have the perspective and skill of a problem solver, are ethical and polite, and caring toward other people.  Today, a graduate who is well-prepared in these ways is hard to find.  You can be one of the few instead of one of many.

What I Learned About Growing Up

      Here are two principles to remember: 1) Develop the basics you need; 2) master the specialties you love. Doing what we love is the easy part. The hard part is working to become a better, well-rounded person. It's this personal development that most people neglect.  You can be different. Create a personal development plan and stick to it.  Here are 5 keys to your life-long success:

  • Choose to have a positive attitude!  The legendary Zig Ziglar had a lot to teach us about the importance of attitudes.  Here are a few of Zig's thoughts: "The choice to have a great attitude is something that nobody or no circumstance can take from you."

"Your attitude not your aptitude will determine your altitude."

"The more you complain about your problems, the more problems you will have to complain about."

  • Develop your interpersonal skills.  Everything in life revolves around relationships. Everything!
    Good relationships can be built by engaging people with small acts of kindness and words of encouragement.

"Be helpful. When you see a person without a smile, give him yours."

      Ask meaningful questions and listen to understand. Engage with well-written      communication.  Other career-making skills include: public speaking, storytelling, teamwork, networking and leadership.

  • Don't blow off your formal education. Even when it gets hard and you become frustrated, don't give up. Learning and growth happens in the struggle. Specifically, you need reading, writing, math, science, history and the arts. All these things matter.  Someday you will see their value UNLESS you quit.  "The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want now."

  • Develop strategic and tactical skills.  A good skills foundation includes problem solving competence in technology usage, strategic thinking and planning, prioritization, goal setting and accountability. How do you rate yourself in each of these areas?  What will you do to improve?

  • Think and act like a professional.  Professionalism makes everything in life work better. These are your empowering beliefs, core values, positive attitudes, moral and ethical behaviors, etiquette and The Golden Rule.They define who you are, determine the life you will live and shape your destiny.  When you think of professionalism, remember these three D's: Define, Determine and Destiny.

Responsibility, Fun and a Call to Action!

      Your life and future are your responsibility. Take ownership of your future, which means making good choices every day. The good news is there are people who can help you separate the good choices from the bad ones. That is what I do.  I engage students by challenging their limiting beliefs and sharing common sense principles using humor, telling stories, sharing testimonials and presenting engaging experiences.  It is my purpose and my mission to help high school and college students reach their full potential so they can enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful life.  How can I help you?

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