"Scrapbook" Samples

      Our lives change bit by bit from the experiences we have and the people
we engage with. This page presents some highlights of my professional engagements -- speaking, teaching, coaching, writing and collaborating with some great people in the personal development industry.

"Leadership Lessons in the Movies" -- one of my most popular growth experiences. This one was for my "Old Hickory" community.

One of my earliest events was held in Beavercreek, OH sharing the stage with some of my illustrious colleagues.

Speaking at the first Ziglar Legacy Certification class.

Michelle Prince, "America's Productivity Coach", spoke in Dayton.  This photo
was taken in Chicago, at her
"BookBound" workshop..

David Wright and I partnered with seven leaders in the direct sales industry to present "Ignite Your Mind."  David is role playing with a member of the audience.

Arriving from Dallas to Columbus, OH
traveling with David Wright, Howard Partridge (President of Phenomenal Products) and Tom Ziglar
(CEO of Ziglar, Inc.)

Tom Ziglar's endorsement of my first book is one of the greatest gifts I've ever received!

Introducing my Australian friend Josh MacKenzie, who spoke about the importance of "finishing strongly".

The unsurpassable Bryan Flanagan, taking questions at a sales training event
in Dayton, OH
in 2013

David Wright and I had fun making this promo video for "Born to Win!" business owners' workshop with Tom Ziglar and Howard Partridge.

"Born to Win!" business owners' workshop in September 2012 with Tom Ziglar and Howard Partridge (First Ziglar event)

Big success is usually the outcome of preparation and wise choices becaue you are at the helm.  The alternative is waiting for and relying on good luck, a high-risk approach.

This is a video tribute to the late Zig Ziglar, in his own words.
It was a gift to the Ziglar family.

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