Engage to Prepare for Life

      Suppose you were to become more effective and more efficient in one key area of your life.  What would it mean to you, your career and your family?  Whether you are a teacher, administrator, recent graduate, leader or manager, these performance programs are for you!

The Art and Power or Engagement

     The best employees are those who are fully engaged in their work assignments.  Likewise with students and their academic assignments.  The best leaders and managers are those who are fully engaged with their employees.  Likewise with teachers and their students, churches and their members.  This program teaches the culture-changing art and process of engagement AND how anyone can do it well, even under the pressure of a busy schedule.

      There are three pieces.  Begin with "Drip Engagement" -- the principles and small actions that build trust, inspire hope and plant seeds of change. Next there is "Discovery Engagement", which is one's quest for purpose and clarity in life. Finally, there is implementation.  You can't grow without action. This sequence works best when supported by "Deployment Engagement."      (Inspired by Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc..)

Professionalism From A to Z

      Based on my book Professionalism From A to Z, this program explores key characteristics of a professional and how to incorporate them in your life and career.  You will learn how to rise out of mediocrity to live and serve with excellence in all of your relationships -- personally and professionally. Professionalism is more than career principles.  It is principles of life.  You can probably find this book on Amazon.

The Art and Power of Storytelling

      Learn why story-telling is a powerful and effective life and career skill.  Then, learn the principles of good story-telling, including situations where they could be used effectively.  In the extended format of this program each participant will start building a database of stories and take turns practicing the art of storytelling.

Conversations That Matter

      We are often drawn into deep, challenging conversations because of our position or by circumstances beyond our control.  The next time this happens, and it eventually will, how will you respond?  What do you need to know to handle difficult conversations with wisdom and grace?  Learn proven, timeless and practical principles for having meaningful conversations about personal matters – the things that matter most.   "God Space" is an inspiring book by Doug Pollock.  You can probably find this book on Amazon

Problem Solving Principles and Process

      Ah, the art and discipline of problem solving!  Come face-to-face with a methodology, attitude, skill, and rapport-building tool.  The objective of this program is to take the fear and mystery out of problem-solving by creating an environment for discovery and a laboratory for experimentation that helps participants build confidence as problem solvers.

What else could be Beneficial to Prepare for Careers?

      "Demand for IT and other technical skills is high, but executives are relatively confident of their firms’ ability to find people with the right qualifications. Of much greater concern are the difficulties they expect in finding new hires with the ability to manage change, to think strategically, to communicate effectively with people and to analyze and problem-solve—the skills they believe are most critical to their organizations’ success."