“The Foundation of True Performance"

      For years, whenever the word "gifted" came up in conversation, I would flip through my mental slide show and visualize superstar athletes and musicians.  Today, my "slide show" is just as likely to include images of Nick Vujicic and Helen Keller.  Vujicic was born with no arms and no legs.  Helen Keller was blind and deaf.  Johnny was born with Down syndrome.

      So, how are people with severe disabilities gifted?  It's simple. Giftedness is an expression of what we have, not what we lack.

With this simple adjustment in mindset it becomes much easier to see how Vujicic, Helen Keller and other so-called disabled people ARE truly gifted!  Watch the three videos and see for yourself.

“Mediocrity By Choice – A Culture of Wasted Potential”

      Imagine a man who inherited a brand new $400,000 Rolls-Royce automobile.  Suppose the man did the unthinkable.  He parked the car in the garage and never took it anywhere.  He never went for a Sunday drive on scenic country roads.  He never entered car shows where people would enjoy looking at his magnificent machine.  He might have started a chauffeuring business, but did not.  This eccentric man never even had the car serviced.  It just sat in the garage under blankets. The only sunshine this car saw was when the eccentric man pushed it into the driveway to clean his garage.  What a waste and what an insult to the person who left him this fine gift!  What a loss to everyone who might have benefited from the man's good fortune.


      It's sad to know that so many people are careless with their gifts.  It hurts when such a person is very close to us.  It really hits home when we realize that person is our self.  Where does this neglectful behavior come from?  Here are 12 reasons to consider:


  1. We don't believe our gifts are all that special.

  2. We don't know what to do with them.

  3. We don't know where to apply them.

  4. We are too lazy or afraid to develop them.

  5. We don't know how to begin.

  6. We are afraid of mistakes and outright failures.

  7. We fear success, especially the changes that come with it.

  8. We fear the pressures of new responsibilities.

  9. We see barriers, but not the benefits on the other side.

  10. We are bitter and ungrateful about not having something better.

  11. We are simply afraid and don't understand why.

  12. We are locked in our comfort zones.

 Gifts for Your Potential

A Model of Our 5 Free Gifts


     Here are five internal gifts, present at birth, that are the seeds of potential.  We all have them in various measures and flavors, which means we all have potential waiting to be discovered and developed.


#1: Talents are your underlying, undeveloped natural abilities.  They are recognizable by the physical and mental skills that come most easily to you.


#2: Passion is the strong desire to do what you love doing!  It's the drive that inspires dreams and the emotion that makes possible your desire to keep reaching for higher levels of mastery and service.  Passion is always present to refill your reservoir of energy because the object of your passion is always top of mind.

​​​​​​​​#3: Purpose is your unselfish reasons for living.  When you recognize the needs of others and sense an inner desire to serve them you are on the verge of discovering your purpose.  The needs of others provide an outlet for talent and passion. Together these three are mutually dependent.


#4: Conscience is what Mom calls "the little voice inside."  It's your moral compass, your lens to maintain focus and your front-line accountability partner.  Everyone has one because everyone needs one.

#5: Free Will is the gift of choice that ultimately determines what you do with your talents, how hard you work to master them, and who benefits from their application.  The gift of choice either releases or inhibits the power of your potential.  It's as simple as that!


Five Aspects of Potential

Watch and Listen For Clues of Potential

      Zig Ziglar said, “I’ve got to say ‘no’ to the good so I can say ‘yes’ to the best.”  True performance is a Yes Choice!  You cannot be all you can be, reach your potential or fulfill your life's purpose without choosing to say "Yes!" to your gifts.  You were given these gifts for a reason, which means there's an expectation that you will use them.  Will you accept the responsibility and privilege?


"...all the blessings we enjoy--including our amazing abilities to create, invent, and discover--come from a living God..."  -- Zig Ziglar &  Dr. Ike Reighard

Is "GOOD", Good Enough?

     Pastor Jim Riggle of Ohio, while preaching a powerful message on the consequences of the choices we make, said that choosing  between what is good and what is better can be a hard choice. But, choosing between better and best is even harder. You see, our perception of “good” has come to mean “good enough.” Such as attitude always sees to it that we fall short of our potential.