No Matter What, I Have Good News For You!


     Before I share information that will help you move forward toward your first post- graduation job, there are three reasons to be concerned and they are all about readiness.


You are not as ready as you should be IF...

    ... you coasted through school, limiting your growth to what you learned in the classroom.

    ... your life has been dominated by entertainment rather than life-changing experiences such as internships,
        teamwork, part-time jobs, public service and family responsibilities.

    ... you haven't adopted professional habits such as: responsibilty, dependability, positive attitude, work ethic
        and other leadership attributes.


     Let's look at the positive side. No matter how you feel about these concerns, there is good news waiting for you in the information below. I encourage you to keep on reading.

Seriously, Are You Ready to Launch Your Career?


      Companies struggle to find qualified employees. They are seeking people with more than knowledge and technical skills.  They want their young talent to be professional and job ready, able to communicate effectively, build winning relationships and work effectively in teams with the attitude of a problem solver. The best organizations hire the best candidates to fill the best career opportunities regardless of age, gender or nationality.  Why? Because organizational success depends on it and so does yours!

      When 30 people apply for the same job, who gets it?  When 9 people are vying for the same promotion who gets it?  Simple. The person who exhibits professionalism.  To win that position, you must be an ethical person with integrity who relates well with people, maintains a positive attitude, and is a team player with a solid work ethic and the attitude, perspective and skills of a problem solver.

Josh Mackenzie talks about networking, one of the fundamentals of career success in today's competitive world.

Josh Mackenzie speaking in Dayton, OH

Help Yourself Achieve Your Career Goals

     How do soon-to-be or recent graduates supercharge their careers and achieve competitive advantages?  It's simpler than you might expect.  It requires a few changes in your thinking, perspective and habits. In the paragraphs below you can get a hint of what is important in your development...

UNDERSTAND... “We don’t know, what we don’t know.”  That's why we must always be learning and growing. Success requires deep understanding of yourself, the organization you work for and what is expected of you.

COMMUNICATE... Become aware of your working and communication style. Learn how to adapt to different working and communication style of others, including what motivates your colleagues.

CONNECT... Learn why networking is fundamental to building a successful career. Compare 10 myths and truths about networking. Above all, learn how to become confident about networking.

DRIVE... Make the most out of performance reviews. Learn how to set real goals to drive your success by planning to be productive. Learn how to receive feedback productively and professionally.

RELATE... Learn keys to building strong professional relationships. Learn how to adapt to different generations. Become adept at giving and receiving feedback to work effectively in teams.

INFLUENCE... Learn how to build an authentic personal brand, developing and deliver effective presentations, write with influence, and manage your manager.

DEVELOP... Find out what it takes to get started with your growth program. Increase your personal and interpersonal awareness. Use breakthrough thinking and change to become the person you were meant to be.


LEAD... Thinking differently about leadership helps you develop the leadership qualities your leader wants to see in you. Become a balanced leader who can lead today from whatever position and role you have.


EXCEL... A how-to chapter of developing career resilience, providing world-class customer service and more. Learn the do's and don'ts of change and how to make good career decisions.


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