Today’s Democrats Think They are Our Parents?

Ohio’s Presidential Elections & Doctors Thoughts about “Free Medicare for All

An Important Message:  If the government makes "Medicare free for all", a large number of
best doctors have promised to retire.  When so, Americans will suffer thanks to the Democrat party. While at that, why not make all food, clothes, cars and houses to be free for all Americans.


Democrats of America Means Socialism

  1. Today’s Democrat primary goals are based on destroying today’s, elected president, Donald Trump.This successful business owner has also been successful as president up to this point.

            a: Financial growth for our country’s people
            b: Safety for Americans with a growing southern wall

            c: Putting Liberal principles to sleep (hopefully for decades.)

            d: Professional relationships with other countries

   2. However, Democrats (with help from the media) have been cheating to gain their liberal goals,
       based on bringing the liberal’s mission to life (which kills our country’s vision -- America’s
       beautiful foundation.)


   3. Democrats are lying left and right to help the media knowingly promote cheating.

   4. A potential Democrat "win" of the upcoming election would damage America’s societies future.
       True Americans need to contribute the needs to get the word out to our friends and others about
       our challenge for not only this upcoming election, but future challenges that also will certainly
       appear.  How?  Share with others our concerns about liberal plans.

            -- Immigration carelessly placing dangerous people into our country
            -- Promises they don’t keep
            -- False claims to fool potential voters


There's an Ugly History of Democratic Suppression of Blacks”

                “3 Reasons 'Medicare for All' Is a Really Bad Idea”

            Here’s a Short List of What We Know about Today’s Democrat Party

     -- Lying to get others to do it for them.
     -- Cheating by stealing or having others do the dirty work.
     -- They are frequently rude about and to President Trump
     -- They make good promises, but don’t follow through
     -- For decades Democrats have bought votes, cleverly bribing to “make temporary friends
        of black people.
     -- They hope to gain more power with a program known as: “Free Medicaid For All” …
     -- They have a similar plan that is that could be named “Free College for All” whether or not
         the person is qualified.”
     --  The Democrats seek to carelessly invite Mexicans and other South Americans to eventually
         gain new Democrat votes.
     --  They make promises of which they don’t follow through.
     --  The Democrat’s foundation is based on liberal mindset.  Liberal behavior is inconsistent of


                                                           America’s Founders

The truth is: Desperate Democrats are at war with Republicans & All Americans Democrats Are Mortified By This Stunning Leak. Is this the end of the Democratic Party as we know it?

      The truth is: Democrats are at war with Republicans (Americans). If only it was a two-way professional competition instead of Democrat cheating with lying, stealing, fooling, and sneaking.  I believe the majority of Americans will choose well.  Now for our Republicans: Stand tall for true Americans and teach the others that socialism is a poison.  America can’t afford the birth of a new Soviet Union within our country.

When Democrats are Losers:
     -- They fake,
     -- They brag,
     -- They steal and are caught,
     -- The use threats of their followers,
     -- They lie and their lies are revealed,
     -- They speak about what they do not know,
     -- They fail to behave with genuine professionalism,
     -- They do such things when they run for Federal Office in the U.S.A.

Impeachment standards and procedure

      The so-called impeachment at this time is a scam.  What today’s Democrats are faking impeachment allegations to fool Americans to vote for the Democrat’s in the upcoming election!


Definition: A whistle-blower is a person, who could be an employee of a company, or a government agency, disclosing information to the public or some higher authority about any wrongdoing, which could be in the form of fraud, corruption, etc.

A whistle-blower is a person who comes forward and shares his/her knowledge on any wrongdoing which he/she thinks is happening in the whole organization or in a specific department. A whistle blower could be an employee, contractor, or a supplier who becomes aware of any illegal activities.


An Internal "Governmental War"

Do you remember the cartoon "Roadrunner & Coyote"?
     -- "Roadrunner": the good guy who stayed out of trouble
     -- "Coyote" was the creep who caused trouble.
It sounds like our Republicans and Democrats (in the same sequence)