Proper Preparation Leads to Success & Beyond

Preparation Thoughts For Youth AND Adults


The Quandary We All Face​

      It's hard to succeed when you are trapped and it's hard to remain free when you aren't prepared to deal with the traps of life.  So how can anyone appropriately prepare before seeing specific traps or opportunities?​

Preparation Means this:

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”  -- Abraham Lincoln

      The common answer is to do like everyone else and dive in to learn the latest trends, inventions, technologies, scientific discoveries, regulations, business models and similar career-related knowledge and skills.  That's one way.  However, that kind of focus is not focus, because our time and resources are limited to be and do everything.  Real focus is necessary to complete preparation and lead to success.​

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." -- Colin Powel

A Balanced Solution We Can Choose to Have

      ​To be successful, we need a foundation.  To increase our opportunities in life, we need what some people call "the soft skills."  Others call them the "interpersonal skills."  Either way, they are essentials of life,"  which includes a certain type of wisdom and expertise that makes everything in life much better than when it's missing.​

​     To understand what I mean, pause and think for a moment of the following general-purpose principles and disciplines that fit within the following categories: Productivity, Professionalism, Relationships, Leadership and Faith. ​Don't let life tie you into knots when you're unprepared, catching you off guard!

The Better Alternative is an Attitude and Act of Readiness!

      Having this kind of foundation will help you progress from survival to success and all the way to significant success.  Waiting until a problem or an opportunity appear makes no sense.  That is true whether you are 8 years or 8 decades old. The time to start building your foundation is now. Preparation that focuses on life's essentials establishes your foundation.  Remember what Jack Welch said, "Change before you have to."

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