Practice Engagement.

     Engagement is the cornerstone of all relationships.  It's also true that everything in life is about relationships.  Therefore, it's logical to conclude that engagement is the cornerstone of living.
      Would you like to build better relationships with your children, clients, colleagues, employees, vendors and friends?  Would you like to have a better relationship with yourself?
      Who do you engage with?  What do you believe and where do you learn facts, your truths and feelings?  Here's a topic with a variety of thoughts on the subjects of evolution and creation.  It's also an opportunity to practice the skill of engagement.
Today's a Tine For Engagement About Evolution
The most important engagement to have is prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Art and Power
of Engagement

Part 1: Drip Engagement – Transforming How People Feel About You and Themselves.
You will learn how to initiate relationships with messages of encouragement, inspiration and possibilities.


Part 2: Discovery Engagement – Transforming the Direction of People's Lives.  Once you have built a foundation of trust, hope and willingness to change you will be positioned to get really personal!  With Discovery Engagement you can help people find their God-given talents, purpose and true potential.

Part 3: Deployment Engagement – Transformation Toward True Performance. Why do people fall short of their dreams? Failure To Implement! Deployment Engagement is the implementation of what people discovered about themselves and helping them leverage their new perspectives and attitudes to reach their true potential.

Some Engagement Skills:

    -- Story-telling  in Business

    -- Conversations That Matter

    -- The Problem of Problem Solving

    -- The Myth of Time Management

    -- The Power of Perspective

    -- Professionalism from A to Z

    -- Speak to The Lord Regularly!