Business Engagement

"Engagement that Improves Productivity"

Societal Problems That Have
a Practical Solution


    Research reports and every day observations agree that we find ourselves in an era that is exceedingly challenging for employers to find qualified employees.  Two noteworthy reports, one from The Economist in 2008 and another from Gallop in 2013, reveal gaps in interpersonal skills development.

    Thankfully, there's a simple, but challenging solution -- change the culture fron the inside out.  Every executive, leader, manager, supervisor and front line employee must be intentional and persistent about their engagement with each other, vendors, clients and prospects. The three key words are: "everyone, intentional and persistent."

     Hanging the culture is a minute-by-minute discipline of building trust, inspiring hope and planting seeds of change.  When we encourage others and affirm their positive attitudes and efforts we are building rapport that results in winning relationships.

     We know that every organization has both early adopters and late adopters.  Getting buy-in for the organizational mission and values is no exception.  Some people will "get it" right away and engage with gusto.  Others, perhaps the majority, are less enthusiastic and simply coast along.  Then there are the few in every organization who dig in their heals creating resistance every step of the way.  Regardless of where people are today, they all have the potential to do more and become more.  The solution is in the engagement.

7 Reasons Businesses Should Engage in Engagement


     In the private sector it's easy for
some to get wrapped up in systems
and processes and shortchange the relationship aspects of our careers.
The keyword that corrects that is professionalism. This would include
the necessary flexibility based on learning styles.  However, engagement that changes the culture is more than that.  It requires building strong relation-ships with every stakeholder.  Here are seven reasons for mastering the art and power of engagement:

  • It strengthens relationships by building trust.

  • It strengthens belief by building hope.

  • It facilitates life-changing attitude adjustments.

  • It inspires people and helps them act more diligently in their professional growth interests.

  • It completes the professional development process.

  • It teaches people the art and skill of engagement. Without it, they can't reach their potential.

  • It starts a ripple effect that equips every stakeholder to be part of the solution.

Your Mission of Engagement


     If engagement is added to your philosophy and relationship model makes sense to you, then add it to your mindset and relationship communication process. You will find out that your relationships will grow in many ways.  We need people in every sector of society to be more engaged with such a purpose and asset.  As you engage you will grow emotionally, gain hope and learn more about the dynamics of the engagement model and begin to make practical and effective relationships. Let's call it: "The Art and Power of Engagement."

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