A Short List of Happy People Who Help Others Get Better at What They Do!

"Crossabilities" is the plural form of a word that means, "the
ability of different species or varieties to cross with each other."

From now on it also means, "the ability of different varieties of
people to cross their talents, skills and resources with each other
to serve others."
  This special word, which coincidentally rhymes
with "possibilities," represents the missi
on of

Coming Together to create mutually beneficial relationships that
share a common purpose.  It means attitude and the practice of
interdependence as in, "I need you, you need me, let’s save the
world together."  This is the highest form of human relationship.
Inspiring Change represents the motivational aspects of                 .          It means using influence to help others overcome barriers so they will do what they need to do even when they
are not sure they can or want to do it.
Transforming Lives represents the positive outcomes of
interdependence and inspired change.

Tom Ziglar and Howard Partridge (in this picture) played major roles in who I am, and what I do today.  But, did you know that Zig Ziglar, a man I never met, was a mentors to me, too?  In this video Tom Ziglar, son of Zig Ziglar, and business coach Howard Partridge pay honor to those who led Zig to the top of his career. They are posted on Zig's "Wall of Gratitude" (in the background.)

Clancy Cross

Teacher, Author, Coach/Mentor, Entertainer, Musician and Founder of CrossAbilities! and Strategic Partner with the Zig Ziglar Company

Great People I've Worked With

Tom Ziglar
President at Ziglar, Inc.

     Tom's joy is sharing the Ziglar Performance Formula with leaders and team members all across the globe.  He is boldly taking Ziglar, Inc.
into the world of social communities the tried and true messages of hope, integrity and positive thinking to a whole new audience.  I am grateful for his mentoring and leadership which lead to the formation my business. 

     Ever since high school Clancy has been teaching, speaking, coaching and entertaining.  His travels have taken him from Boston to Los Angeles to Seattle to Miami with a cumulative audience of over 500,000 people.  He is the author of "Professionalism from A to Z" and contributor to 7 other books.  Clancy was also blessed with a passion for developing leaders.  He was a certified Ziglar Legacy Trainer and a "Strategic Partner of the Zig Ziglar company".

David Wright
Personal/Professional Development Specialist

     An insightful coach and mentor who works hard
to ensure his clients reach their potential.  His business insight, mastery of asking great questions and passion for helping people make him an efective coach and inspiring workshop facilitator.  David is a certified Ziglar Legacy Trainer and "Strategic Partner of the Zig Ziglar company


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www.ClancyCross.com (blog)

Some Places I've Served...

ITT Technical Institute, Dayton, OH; Training Resources, St. Louis, MO; Rainmakers Marketing Group, Indianapolis, IN; Christian Marketplace Network, Dayton, OH; Juice Plus Distributors Network, Dayton, OH; Employee Development Academy, City of Middletown, OH; Omnicom Solutions Group, Middletown, OH; IT Department, City of Dayton, OH; Transamerica Financial, Dayton, OH; TBN (The Business Network), Dayton & Cincinnati, OH; Dayton Pulse, Dayton, OH; Kettering Rotary, Kettering, OH; Zig Ziglar, Inc., Plano, TX; Ta-Wa-Si; Old Hickory Leadership Development Series, Beavercreek, OH; Commencement Address, Kaplan College, Dayton, OH; University of Dayton, Research Institute, Dayton, OH; US EPA 11 City Coast-to-Coast Tour; Civitan at Engineers’ Club of  Dayton, OH; Dayton Bar Association, Young Attorneys, Dayton OH; Dayton Bar Association; UD School of Law, Dayton, OH; The Growth Group, Centerville, OH; Covington Business Council, Covington, KY; Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC), Beavercreek, OH; Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, OH; Dayton Tooling & Manufacturing Association, Dayton, OH; Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership University of Dayton, Dayton, OH; Phoenix, AZ; Williams AFB, Mesa, AZ; Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH; Lowry AFB, Denver, CO; Brooks AFB, San Antonio, TX; New Horizons, Fairborn, OH; Washington Courthouse public schools.

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Tom Bargsley
Tax Planner & Advisor

     Experienced Leader and Manager specializing
in Management Consulting, Tax Automation, Tax
Planning, Tax Compliance,  Financial Planning,
Audit, Internal Audit, SOX and Controller-ship. He
partners with CrossAbilities! to bring professional development to his clients, colleagues and friends.

Clayton Hicks
Founder of H7

      H7, (formerly TBN) is a platform for both professional development and business development by way of helping people develop long-lasting collaborative relationships. H7 is a community of professionals that drives new business the old way, in a new age.

Rebecca Victor
Here's To Your Life! LLC

     A certified transformational life coach championing individuals who aspire for a more expansive and abundant life on both a professional and personal level. She helps her clients design a life that effectively integrates both the professional and personal arenas while establishing specific goals.

Shaneh Woods
Owner of E3 Services

     Shaneh's E3 Services company works with people to encourage, educate and empower them to achieve their personal and business goals. The E3 Services team has a proven process that helps people get on track, stay on track, become more profitable and have more time to do what they love.

Jon Castonguay
Sales and Marketing Professional

     Jon excels in sales management, branding and marketing, project management, fund raising, business networking and a wide range of teaching and public speaking. He is also a Dale Carnegie course graduate.

Michael Ehrler  Business Coach

      Michael's focus is helping business owners, self- employed professionals and nonprofit organizations grow and develop their businesses through workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions and strategic retreats.  He specializes in facilitating Sales, Marketing, Leadership and Personal Development Workshops

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